1. "Amazing Grace" This song really touches me deeply. It was my mother's favorite song and they played it at her memorial service.

    I grew up in Ohio and for many years my mother and I would take a two hour drive to visit my younger sister. Mother would always want me to sing! So we would sing everything, from Broadway tunes and then the wonderful praises of God and many love songs. I miss my mother, she was my best friend.

  2. Okay, my guitar MUST be out of tune because when I try and sing Amazing Grace and just strum the chords, it doesn't sound right! HELP!

    I'm doing something wrong here SO I'm just going to keep toughening up my fingers and doing the exercises. I really want to perfect this first. Nothing will be accomplished if I cannot go up and down the scales. Just like playing my accordion or a piano or clarinet... It's been YEARS since I had an accordion in my lap! I was pretty good though...

    I am NOT giving up! My beautiful guitar wants to be used!!!

    Blessings to you all!!!

  3. I'm wondering if it's better to "stand" and play the guitar or "sit" and play. So, I'm going to start doing both. I'm also hoping I'm holding the guitar the correct way. I want my fingers to memorize the positions my fingers need to be instead of having to look each time.

    Hey, where is everybody? There should be other students sharing their progress. Well, I know that lessons don't actually start until September 9 but I want to play now!!! Honestly, I want to play yesterday!!

    Blessings to you all!

    1. Hi Teresa-
      It's good that you are writing down thoughts. It gives me something to work with to help you. Think about this- this is the 4th (fourth) session of 8-week classes coming up. None of the previous students have had a WEBSITE to go to, to draw additional information and help. You and your fellow beginners have this from the start.. even BEFORE class starts. I hope to eventually add VIDEOS on YouTube. We'll see how that goes.. as time goes by.

      As far as how to play- sitting or standing- I would probably play "sitting" right now. Think about this when you're discovering the CORRECT way to hold the guitar. How is the guitar shaped. Do you see the big curve in the middle? That is designed.. or at least- is there.. so that you may be able to cradle the guitar over your leg or knee. Try it out. It works beautifully! You can use either leg / knee, depending on how you are sitting. It's amazing how much I take for granted sometimes.

      Thanks for all of the comments and questions. I hope your classmates will be as active in expressing themselves.

      See you in class- Bob =)